Not compromising texture for toxicity

Consumers expect a product to always be consistent; wanting to get exactly what you've paid for, every time.

Global, corporate giants go to great lengths to preserve the look, feel, smell and taste of a product across vast distances of time, location and temperature. This preservation comes at a price.

Often, ingredients found in a product are there to create and preserve it’s texture, color, smell or just extend it’s shelf life. Sadly though, many of these ingredients are toxic. I feel that if consumers were more aware of the toxicity of these ingredients; many would choose to go without. 

Commonly used toxic cosmetic ingredients:

  • Fragrances and binders are associated with hormone disruption
  • Preservatives can impare fertility.
  • Synthetic colorants are derived from petrochemicals, generally tested on animals, can be skin irritants and carcinogenic.
  • Synthetic emollients (a substance that stabilizes texture) suffocate the skin and can be damaging to internal organs.

The alternate trade off

free of unnecessary ingredients this body butter is not only nontoxic but actually good for you! The all natural goodness come with some trade offs listed below:

  • The oils and butters used are heat sensitive. It may melt in transit and liquify a it travels through a hot climate in summer; losing it's fluffy texture. However, this does not effect it's overall effectiveness. If it does melt, you can quickly and easily bring it back to all it's former glory. Learn how to here.
  • Alternatively, extreme cold will stiffen the texture, only a little though.