Divine Chocolate Body Butter is the result of a personal quest for a moisturizer free of water, fragrance, artificial colors, and chemicals that I can’t pronounce. Unable to find such a product on the market I decided to make my own. 

Little did I know the intoxicating effect the naturally occurring chocolate aroma would have on myself and others.

Drunk with the pleasure of being drenched in the scent of hot chocolate I went out to face the day feeling radiant, soft and sexy. The feel-good vibes were contagious; and the aroma so alluring it resulted in extra long hugs accompanied by deep, relaxing breathes had by all. 

Confident in the fact that my skin was being treated to all it craved, I began to share jars of this magic butter with friends. The response was overwhelming—surprise, delight, and the immediate request for more. 

So now, to meet the demand for luxurious, natural, and healthful skin care, I bring you Divine Chocolate Body Butter.

Drench yourself in nature's warm embrace and be raised to the vibration of divine ecstatic bliss.