Chocolate Body Butter

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What goes on the skin is just as important as what goes in the body. The skin is the largest organ and is sometimes referred to as the third lung. This a testament to its ability to "breathe" in substances from the surface and "exhale" toxins and waste. 

Moisturizers often contain petrochemicals, synthetic colors, and fragrances that make their way into the body. Free from all unnecessary ingredients—made of vegetable fats only—this silky body butter quenches the skin's desire for moisture without compromising toxicity.

Moisturizers that contain water, alcohol and chemicals do so to appease a person's desire for a "dry" feeling cream. If this is what you're used to this body butter will feel greasy going on. However, it will not stain clothing and in a short time all that remains is softness and a healthy glow. A little goes a long way.

Apply after bathing to lock in moisture and protect against the elements. Night time is the right time; the body regenerates, repairs damage and creates new cells while we sleep. Feeding you skin this nutrient rich butter before bed provides the building blocks for new, healthy, and youthful skin. 

Chocolate is known to stimulate pleasure responses in the brain. The sense of smell is the most evocative of all; diving deep into memories and immediately returning emotions. Who doesn't swoon with delight at the smell of chocolate? Imagine a sensual massage butter that melts on your fingertips, gliding across your beloved's skin, and imparts the irresistible scent of chocolate. Now open your eyes and press 'add to cart'.

All Organic Ingredients

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